When something ends, another begins…


I decided to stop writing in another blog I had for the past two years. Things had come full circle in that blog, and I felt like it was time for a change. As much as I hate to give up all the followers, experiences documented, feelings/emotions in that blog, it was best to move on from it all.

My current situation? Single. Very single. Have been for about two months after a quite tumultuous two years. I’m positive about my situation. Things are looking up for me in all matters of life. I’m at the beginning stages of a love interest. One I’ve had a history with, and I hope that things continue to blossom with her again. Oh. I am gay. I don’t really like using the word “lesbian”. I don’t know why. I wonder if there are any other women that would agree with me?

My current dreams are to someday live in a foreign country again. To find a life partner that I can go on adventures with. To stop smoking. To never say no to something that scares me. To speak up when I have an opinion about something. To stop being so guarded and secretive about my thoughts and feelings. To be unapologetically honest about everything.



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