Deciphering Emojis


I’d settle for a good one. Or an interesting one. Or an exciting one. I’m not a perfectionist. I don’t understand how a person can survive being one. Nothing is ever perfect. It may seem perfect at the time, but if you really think about it, there can always be something better that could have happened. That’s very cynical of me. I get that way sometimes. I’m feeling cynical. I don’t know what the month of December will bring me. I feel like since I haven’t been out meeting different women, now that I’m semi-single, my life is super boring. Is that what I think defines me? That can’t be all that defines me. What else do I really do though? I go to work. I come home. Watch tv. Waste time on the internet. Blog. Hang out with a few select friends.

I need a damn hobby. Or interest. Something that gets me out there, meeting people in a platonic way. I always say this, but I never actually follow through. I still have dance classes I haven’t used up. I’m going to start doing that weekly. Maybe. I love my apartment nowadays. Especially since I’ve re-decorated. It’s very adult now. I’m becoming a homebody of sorts for sure. Just like my LF. She’s a major home body. I think she would be content staying at home all weekend if she could. I can stay in at home for a day at the most. I need to at least go out for a walk after that. I grazed the subject of this weekend being a year since we met each other tonight. Her response was positive, if you accept the smiley face emoji as positive. I also took the opportunity to again tell her that I know I fucked up, and that I am very appreciative that she is still in my life. She responded to that with one smiley face and two dancing ladies in red emoji’s. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I can only assume that it’s positive…

Here’s to making the last of 2014 count.


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