Not now. Not ever.

Life’s been a bit busy recently.

And frankly, I don’t have much to write about.

PhD was visiting for almost two weeks. The time with her was pretty awesome as always. Since it’s been so cold, we didn’t really do too much out and about. We’ve started hanging around my neighborhood more. Going to the local bars. Trying to find things to do that we can walk to. We haven’t been to any girl parties for a long time. PhD is not excited about running into BG. And I’m not going to push the issue. When she’s ready to go out in this city, I’ll be there with her. We had our third couple’s therapy session. It continued to re-hash everything. Not too sure if that’s been helpful. I’m hoping we can work on our communication issues. For the most part, it works, but sometimes we just don’t get each other. Is this something that happens to all couples? I’ve actually been avoiding BG’s usual spots because I also don’t necessarily want to run into her. Not because I don’t want to, but because I know what happens when I see her. When I see her, I end up wanting to talk to her. And then when I talk to her, I want to be in contact with her. And when I’m in contact with her, I want to continue talking to her like we’re best buds. And I want to hang out with her like we’re best buds. And I think about all these fun things we could do together. But we’re not like that sadly. Not now. Not ever. I think I’ve finally gotten that through my thick skull. I haven’t had any dreams about her recently. I  still think about her. Every. Day. I’ve somehow managed not to reach out. Going on almost two months now. Yay for me.

As far as the job search goes, I had another preliminary interview with another school in LA. I’m going to LA next weekend for a job fair. I hope that I can get a job out there. I need a change. This is my 10th year in NYC. I wasn’t planning on being here past 4 years. My dream is to teach in another country, but that hasn’t happened either. I’m in the midst of one of the biggest parent crisis I have ever had. The parent from hell back in November is back with a vengeance. She is definitely in my top ten most difficult parents, if not THE most difficult parent in my teaching career. The main reason she’s difficult is that she automatically assumes that I (and everyone else) am out to treat her son unfairly. My question is: what good is that going to do me? Why would I have a vendetta towards a 12 year old? I will say one thing, at this point, yes I’m going to treat her son differently from now on because she is such a crazy wackadoo parent. Not necessarily treating him unfairly, but definitely treating him differently. It’s so unfortunate for the son. And the mom wants to make it a race thing. Like I don’t know how to handle black children or families. How does me wanting to help your son in school and talk about his learning issues translate into me not knowing how to handle race and your family? She has overstepped her boundaries as a parent and has been sending borderline harassing emails to me. I only wish I had a principal with some balls to tell her to chill the fuck out. But when you have parents paying $40,000 a year for school, I suppose that is a ball shrinker. But still, harassing teachers should be a line crossed. I need a break from this school.


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