The Beginning of the Merging Process

I had an eventful weekend! I was in LA for a job fair on Friday (speed dating for teaching jobs, basically). This is the first of a few that I will be attending, however, this one was more fruitful than I could have imagined! One of the schools I interviewed with already asked me back as a finalist (one of three). I really like this school. I like the location (North Hollywood-close to where PhD needs to be). I like the people (math department head is openly gay and married). And while it was in the low 30s in NYC this weekend, it was in the mid-80s in LA!

In regards to the parent from hell, or I should say family from hell, everything came to a head Thursday morning before I was supposed to fly out. There was a sit down meeting with me, my team leader, my assistant principal, my principal, mom, dad, and grandma from hell. So, seven of us in this meeting over three points on a test. Three points that the son cheated on but because it costs $40,000 to send students to this school, we can’t stand up to parents. ESPECIALLY parents who pull the race card. Fuck me. I thought I was pretty calm throughout the meeting but when I checked my heart rate on my Fitbit later on during the day, I noticed it was at cardio level during the meeting! From now on, I am most definitely going to treat this kid differently than I do the other students in my classes. Exactly what the family from hell didn’t want to happen, but they are so deranged and insensitive to their sons’ actual needs that they did this to themselves. Every single one of his teachers is going to single him out from now on and treat him with kid gloves. The situation was so out of the box CRAZY that I received a $25 fandango card from the administration for my stress and emotional well-being.

I’m back on the east coast now, although not for long. I will be back on the west coast the following weekend. It’s going to be a big traveling month for me. Mostly because of the job search. I have to go back and spend a day at the school I’m a finalist at. I have a job fair in San Fran that I will be attending at the end of the month. I’m definitely feeling a lot better about this move. Especially now that I know there are good schools out there looking for math teachers. PhD and I are getting excited about merging our lives. And the fact that I’m finally at the interviewing step of the merging process is super exciting.

I read another article that struck a chord with me. Being passive is one of many things that all the women I’ve dated seriously have had a problem with. And it definitely is something I’m working on. So much self-work I need to work on. I’m not going to see my therapist until the end of the month. If then. I’m still struggling to let BG go. To not think about her. To not want to talk to her. Thoughts of her were strong some days ago. I almost wanted to go to a bar that I might have run into her at. Maybe I need to change my environment. So that things/places don’t remind me of her. I guess I am in the process of doing just that.


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