Birthday Surprises and more…

B totally surprised the shit out of me on my birthday last week. Originally, the plan was going to be to share a Skype birthday dinner, and she also had told me that she had “hired” a girl to come to my apartment to give me a birthday dance. I was a stressing out about the girl that was supposed to come give me a dance because I don’t live alone, and B had said that I would need to have the girl dance for me in my bedroom. Which I thought would be extremely weird and odd… I had so many questions about this girl. Like how did she know I would like her? How long was the dance supposed to be? Was I really going to like this? I literally was quite stressed out about it. Especially since my bedroom is not that big. I didn’t want to tell B to cancel the dance because I knew something like that would be extremely expensive. B told me I had to be home right after school because she had ordered dinner to be delivered and the girl was coming.

So, I obediently went home as I was told. All the while wishing and hoping the dance wasn’t as awkward as I envisioned in my head. I headed to my room to get it “ready” and who the fuck should be waiting for me in my bedroom in a super sexy angel outfit, but B! I was soooo surprised. That whole story about dinner and the girl was just to get me home and so that I didn’t make any plans. I was so happy to see her. As much as I hate my birthday, I do want to celebrate it some what. She ended up staying until Friday, and then I headed to LA with her this past weekend. This woman never ceases to amaze and surprise me. I hate to say it but I don’t think anyone I’ve dated has ever put this much effort and creativity into me and our relationship. She had reservations at this steak restaurant that I have been wanting to go to since forever. She really planned an amazing birthday. This may be one of the last weekends I will spend there during this school year. I don’t have any other long weekends from now until Memorial Day. The MOVE is going to creep up so fast.

On a different note, I started a new blog to document my Isagenix journey. I may be blogging more on that one in the next 30 days then this one. If you care to follow my weight loss journey the website is:

I’m already hungry and I haven’t even started this stupid diet yet.


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