The Entrance

And it’s happened again. I can’t believe I haven’t updated my blog for almost two months. Part of it is because there’s so much to write that it’s overwhelming. And at this point, almost two months later, there’s no way I can re hash the last two months in one blog post.

However, I can update everyone on how things are going in the here and now. First off, I hate my new school/job. Maybe hate is a strong word. Dislike? Don’t like? Am uncomfortable with? All of the above. I’ve thought about how much it is the fact that I’m the newbie in town, so it is going to be hard. Or that the school is a shit show. Or maybe it’s both and that combination is unfortunate. I have seriously started looking for new jobs… in September. School just started. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the year.

Is there something I like about my new school? Let’s see. I guess I like the people I work with, but everyone is so over worked that I barely see anyone… I miss my old school in NYC. I knew what was going on there. My old school was a shit show too, but at least I knew was was going on, and I knew the shit that I was about to have to deal with.

Hopefully in a couple months, my blog posts about my job will be a little more positive. Fingers crossed.

On the personal level, things have been nothing less than awesome with B. We’re still not quite settled into a groove of living together. At least for me, I still find myself wanting to spend all my time with her and get the most out of our time together because that’s what we needed to do before in our LDR. Things have obviously changed now since we live together. I don’t have to be in constant communication with her. We can go out and do separate things now, which we never did before. We still enjoy being together though. We still go out and hit up as many happy hours as we can. I am deathly afraid of getting a DUI here because they are no joke in LA. I mean, they’re no joke anywhere, but getting one here will set you back upwards of $15,000. Plus you need a car to get around here. We’ve been trying to find girl parties to go too, and as of recently have been quite successful. Last night we went to one that had a bounce house inside the venue!

I’m still struggling a little to completely be free of the ace. Her birthday was just last week, and I wanted to reach out and wish her well. But I didn’t. Mostly because I didn’t want to open that door again, and somewhat because I didn’t think she needed to hear from me either. Part of me wanted to reach out to her because I didn’t want her to think I don’t care. I know she thinks birthdays are important. But then again, who am I to insert myself into her life again. I do still think of her. And think about whether she would like it out here. I wonder if she’s gotten in school yet. A lot of little things I guess. At least nothing in this town reminds me of her or I’d probably be thinking about her even more. And any girl party we go to here, neither one of us (B and I) has to be concerned about exes.

My entrance into LA life hasn’t been completely seamless. I still left remnants of my heart in NYC. I think about it a lot actually. I miss the hustle and bustle of it. I miss the constant motion the city is in. I miss the smells. I miss the visual effects of the city. I miss my friends there. I miss being able to send out my laundry. I miss the women! The other night, every other woman in the bar we were at clearly had plastic surgery all over their faces. Very rarely do you see that in NYC. Or plastic surgeons out east are better at their jobs… NYC just has a bigger variety of women.

Leaving NYC seems like I ended a relationship too soon. But for good reasons. Maybe further down the line, it would have been worse.


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