Turning off NY

I’m just coming off of a three day two night camping trip with my students. This was hard core camping in tents and no showers… not exactly my cup of tea. I guess one good thing that came out of it is that I bonded with my advisory a little more. I feel like they know me better and I REALLY know them better.

One thing for sure, California views definitely beat New York views. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s something I keep telling myself so that I stop fantasizing about moving back to New York. Recently, on my drives to work I’ve been thinking about how I could maintain my relationship with B while going back to my old school and working. Financially, I could pay rent in LA and rent a room in NYC. However, this arrangement would definetely not work in terms of maintaining my current relationship. Especially a relationship that once was long distance… B says that if I needed to move back and go back to my old school, she’d support it. Our relationship would not survive that though. I just know it wouldn’t.

I’m trying not to miss NYC. Just like I try not to miss certain people. I’ve never been good at turning off people I need to forget. NYC is no different.


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